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What You Need to Know About Mental Health and Alcohol Addiction

It is hard to tell sometimes when you are drinking responsibly and when you are drinking too much. Mental health problems and alcohol addiction are so closely interlinked and it may be hard to tell them apart and that is one reason why one cannot know if they are drinking responsibly or not. Alcohol is used by most people to drown away their sorrows. Highlighted below are some of the connections of mental health and alcohol addiction.

Stress, depression and anxiety are all mental health issues that can cause one to start drinking. those that were drinking initially will further sink into drinking because of such mental issues. to know if you are drinking responsibly,you should ask yourself why you are drinking. If you are drinking because of something that is related to stress, anxiety or depression then you have to stop evaluate yourself and find proper care for yourself. Going to a shrink or placing yourself in spaces that bring you joy and happiness are some of the ways you can care for yourself.

Alcohol in itself is a depressant and has a negative effect on the central nervous system. Depression and alcohol are a perfect recipe for a disaster since the problem will only become worse. Taking alcohol makes you lose time and you end up being moody and losing on relationships and things that matter to you.in essence you lose the joy of life and take pleasure in the time you take alcohol. If you notice someone with such symptoms, they are probable battling alcohol addiction.

Alcohol dependency begins when you take more than the required or recommended quantity of alcohol in a day. If you cannot get through your day or night without taking alcohol then you are probably an alcohol addict. When you depend on something to bring you joy or happiness you become a slave to it and in essence addicted to it.

Another connection between mental health and alcohol is that you need the support of family and friends in order to stay sober. Alcohol addiction not only affects the person involved but the people close to them as well. When alcohol addicts realize that they are not alone and that they have support of family and friends they are able to grow stronger mentally and kick off the habit.

Alcohol addiction starts in the mind making people who have such addictions do anything to get their fix. Listerine and mouthwash can be used by people so that they can get their fix. Because it can happen to anyone, it is important to be honest with yourself and do some self-evaluation. Support those around you who may be going through this phase without knowing by gently confronting them. Those around you including yourself will benefit if you go to AA meetings as well.

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