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What You Did Not Know About LED T-Shirts

The LED shirts have taken over the market because of their unique features. The clothes were mostly worn to the high-end parties, political events and the in the night parties at the clubs. Most of the companies have also benefited by using the Led shirts because of their unique features of marketing. Most of the LED shirt consumers are unaware of most of their properties. Below are the details that you should know about these products.

They Use The Electroluminescent Panels

Most of the LED shirts utilizes the technology of the electroluminescent panels. Velcro is the supporting elements that are used to install the panels. The Led shirts are flexible and the clients can decide on what appears on the shirts. When you power off the batteries, the shirt will attain the look of the regular screen designed shirts. When you turn on the batteries, then the designs in your shirts can achieve the illuminated look.

The Shirts Use Low Power

You will not have to worry about constant charging of the battery. The use of the low power ensure that the battery takes the longest time. The panels are thin like thread, but they have the texture of the vinyl or vellum. The panels are not easily affected by the weather. With good care, the shirts can last for some years.

The Category Of Power Used

The light from the designs are because of the power from the small types of the batteries. The panels receive the power using several connectors. The connectors are small, and they look like threads, and they function as the cables for the light. The small batteries are stuck on the pocket like designs of the shirts. Most of the batteries that are used take many days before they lose their power.

The LED Shirts Can Be Personalized

Most of the fashion statement companies that create the LED shirts will give you an order form to create your designs. When you are a company seeking to perform brand sensitizations, you should consider the Led shirts. The use of the Led shirt can act as a fashion statement for your company ensuring that you get new clients.

You should study the capabilities of the LED shirts to enable you to understand what you can achieve with the shirts. You should ensure that you give out your custom-made designs that will enable your business to grow. You can use the shirts as promotional shirts but you should ensure that you get the quality shirts. You should find the companies that specialize in these products for you to get the quality products.

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