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Total Body Fitness.

For one to say that he has a total body fitness, there are three area that he must consider with equal capabilities. A complete fitness program should concentrate on improving strength, endurance and mobility skills. Different sports and events demand you to put much emphasis on a particular aspect. However, it is crucial to consider all the three areas during training. A good example is a marathon athlete who should mostly focus on endurance training but also requires to train on their strength and flexibility. Oxygen is a gas that helps the body get rid of lactic acid in the vigorously working muscles. The heart and the lungs work in coordination to supply oxygen. The cardiac muscles become stronger through endurance and in turn, become useful in pumping of blood. The oxygen that has been delivered to the muscles is be used to release energy in the form that can be used by the body well from the carbohydrates or the fat energy reserves. Stamina improves with endurance programs.

All weightlifters wish to become much stronger than before. By lifting weight, the muscles gain more ability to do something. In due time, the muscles are made to perform beyond their capacity and in turn grow in size. One of the excellent forms of training is weight lifting. Repeated lifting of lighter weights helps to improve endurance. Through lifting heavier weights, you improve strength. Strong individuals rarely gets tired easily. Through strength training, your metabolic rate is increased as well as muscle to fat ratio. Muscles require to be supplied with energy and protein to increase in size. It is true to say that the stronger your body gets, the easier it becomes to fight off injuries in your body as you grow old. Osteoporosis comes with age or other factors such as hyperthyroidism which can be maintained by lifting weights.

Personal training should start by taking light exercise so that your muscles get used up before high intense exercises follow. Immediate intense training program can lead to hypertension which sometimes may lead to death. If you are not sure of your medical health status, you should not hesitate consulting your doctor before any training regime is started. When you are training, you should yearn to remain as flexible as possible. Regular correct stretching has been known as a good means of avoiding injury and post work muscle aches and stiffness. Stretching is very important only after you have warmed up through performing a cardiovascular activity. Muscles become more flexible after warming up or down. Yoga has been found out to increase flexibility, develop strength, posture balance and bring about inner balance and calmness all in a bid to improve mental fitness and physical fitness. Training programs are healthy for our bodies.

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