No One Will Get in

One night I was hungry, so I went downstairs to make a midnight snack. While in the kitchen, I heard a tapping sound at my front door. I went to the window to see who was outside, and I saw a man with a mask and a crow bar trying to get in. I turned on the porch light and the man ran away. If I hadn’t been awake, things would have been worse. I wanted more information about the pricing plans that were available for security systems in my area, so I looked online. I wasn’t going to go through another situation like that one again.

I thought about buying a gu‌n in addition to the security system, but ultimately I decided against it. I didn’t have any kind of training for gun usage, and I figured that in a situation such as the one that I faced, I might not be able to get to my gun in time, or I might be in too much of a panicked state that I wouldn’t be able to use it correctly. The thought of killing someone also factored into my decision. I am wiling to defend myself with a melee weapon, but killing someone with a firearm is a scary thought.

Now that I have a security system installed, I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it. I haven’t had another attempted break in experience, but I have been able to use the system to make sure my home is secure. I can look around the home and at the front door to see anyone that comes by, using a camera setup. Whenever someone rings the front door, I just use the app to look at the camera, and I can even communicate with them if I want. I can also avoid those pesky salesmen who try to get me to buy their shoddy products.