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Choosing a Good Spa Management Software

A spa offers ideal environment for people to rest as they receive other beauty treatment services. There are several treatments available at the spa, some like massage been known to have several health benefits. Apart from massage, there are other services provided in a spa including nail care, face care, body treatment, etc. To effectively run a spa, one will require to have managerial skills, and probably incorporate with beauty skills. There are available software a smooth running of a spa in the market today. A good spa management software contains various characteristics as discussed below.

Look for a software that will allow clients to book for appointments online. The software should allow the clients to make bookings, schedule or cancel appointments anytime. The same software can be sending appointment reminders to clients via text messages or mail provided by the client. System users should also be able to plan their days based on the appointments allocated to each employee.
The spa management system should be able to keep an updated record of all the inventories in every department, such as message department, manicure, and pedicure, etc. Whenever a certain product is running low, the system should be able to alert the stock personnel or system user in advance. This will ensure that no time will there be a shortage of any important product for use. The software should also be able to provide a detailed report of stock inventory after a successful scheduled stock take.

Spa software also includes payroll module, useful to the finance department for easier computing of employees’ salaries. It can also be used to compute commissions as well as staff bonuses.

Since the software handles several departments, it should be able to report the performance of each department, pinpointing the ones doing well and the ones that need improvement.

The marketing department can also utilize the spa software and use it to market the business, by regularly sending emails or messages with details of available offers, promotions, etc. The software should also be able to store, update and compute customer’s loyalty points after every visit. Customer can redeem the points after some time in exchange for services equivalent to the earned points.

Some clients prefer to pay using a credit card, therefore, ensure the system allows the clients to pay via card or any other preferred mode of payment.

Get a spa software that is able to capture and store details of the clients, including the ones who make inquiries online. A good spa system should keep a record of all the contacts for the spa suppliers as well as a record of all the goods and services the vendors supply.

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