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Embracing Habits Change

Habits can be defined as those things that you do very frequently and which you can barely stop. Depending on the effect that your habits have on your life, they can be termed as either good or bad habits. Changing habits is something that you might be working on today, maybe dropping a bad habit and trying to acquire your desired good habit but it is not as simple as the words suggest. Bad habits are most popular as they are a reflection of what people are trying to get rid of hence a lot of advice and tips on how to quit the bad habits. Most people who are ready to take on the journey of quitting bad habits have determination but still fail because they fail to understand how habits work. Mostly the known bad habits are those of drug and substance abuse though there are a lot of other bad habits especially ones that hinder progress or that results in frustrations.

It is worth noting that change of habits is not something that you expect to occur overnight or in one day as in most cases, it will take days, weeks or even months. Habits change therefore call for patience and recognition that it is a journey you must take. Sometimes you just want to change a bad habit that you forget the important aspect of understanding the psychological reason behind your habit.

Usually the habits you have both good and bad have something they offer you simply a benefit, such as maybe sorting a lot of likes on social media helps you on self esteem issues leading to you spending all your time online but lack real-life friends, therefore, bad habits are usually replaced instead of simply leaving them as they have something they offer you. You might leave a bad habit for a week and or a few days and go back to it since you didn’t solve the real intention or the cause of the bad habit, therefore, understanding the real intention of your bad habits is a good place to start when making the efforts of changing a bad habit.

At times, people will turn into a bad habit as a result of being idle or even stress which can be caused by various things and common among teenagers are heartbreaking break ups. Successfully quitting a bad habit calls for intentional efforts hence you might need to avoid things that trigger you to doing what you are trying to avoid. If your bad habit is triggered by a certain object, person or place, then it would be a good thing to avoid being close to them.

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