Doing Some Bar Tending for Extra Money

I did this sort of thing for two or three years while I was in college and then before I got a good enough job that I could quit. However I got an offer that was sort of hard to refuse for a couple of reason. I ran into this girl I knew in college and with her were a pair of girls who were even hotter than she is. I got to know them and they started paying me to do parties with him. My old friend had been stripping way back, but the others were blonde escorts. At least they told me that to see how I would react and I think that they said there was a web page some place that advertised them as that. They seem not to really do anything save for bachelor parties and other parties where the entertainment is like you find at one of those. They have another guy and he is really enormous, his job is obviously to be scary and worse if need be. In person the guy is like an enormous teddy bear, but it is easy for him to look menacing when he tries.

I am supposed to be big and scary while I tend bars. Apparently things can and will go sideways when you have a bunch of drunk guys acting crazy. The huge guy wants me to teach him how to use a gun, even though I am not an expert by any stretch. When I was 12 my uncles and my grandfather would let shoot cans in the woods with them. They had a .22 revolver that held 10 bullets and you would place ten cans in a row and see if any of us could knock them all down without missing any of them.