I Had a Water Pressure Issue That Was Easily Fixed

I am a morning person. I love waking up each day and just getting started. I pray and read my Bible, then I get in the shower. When I started my shower water yesterday morning, I had only cold water. I went to the kitchen to see if there was only cold water there, but it was hot. I knew that it was not the water heater because all the water would be cold. I had no idea what would cause this, so I did a search for an emergency plumber in Hudson County NJ.

I hoped to be able to get someone out to my house the same day. It would not have been a tragedy if I would have had to wait a day or so, but I am the type of person who just wants any problems fixed as quickly as possible. When I called the emergency plumber and explained what was going on, he said that it was more than likely a pressure issue because I did have hot water in other areas of the house. He told me that he was on the way to one job but could squeeze me in afterwards. This was music to my ears!

I did not have to wait long, and I showed him the shower as well as the basement where the water heater is. He checked a few things and told me that it is definitely a pressure issue. The good news was that he had the equipment with him to fix it on the spot. I can’t even begin to explain what he technically did, but I can tell you that I had hot water in my shower within an hour of his arriving at my house. Yesterday’s shower felt so much nicer because I was not taking it for granted by the time I got in it!